Energy Efficient Windows

Kalamazoo Windows provide our homes with light warmth as well as ventilation. On the other hand, they are thermal holes in the house. An average home may lose 30 percent of the heat or air-conditioning energy through the windows. Energy efficient replacement windows are those which prevent this loss of energy and in turn save your money. You can reduce the energy costs by installing energy efficient windows in your house.  Replacement windows Kalamazoo can be a great choice for your home if you are thinking about making that commitment.

How to increase the energy efficiency of the existing windows?

Installing new energy efficient windows is expensive. In case, there is a shortage in your fund you can turn your existing windows into energy efficient ones. This can be done by adding storm windows, weather stripping, caulking or by using window treatments and coverings. The storm windows will reduce the amount of air leakage. Caulking and weather stripping will also do the same around the windows. Window treatments and covers will reduce the loss of heat in winter season and will also prevent the heat gain during summer.

Kalamazoo Windows
Finding good replacement windows in the Kalamazoo and Portage, MI area shouldn’t be that difficult to do

How to select energy efficient windows?

If the existing windows of your house are too old, it will be best to go for complete replacement. The initial cost may appear to be high, but they will actually pay for themselves by bringing down the energy costs of your house. There are certain things to keep in mind before you actually select the right one for your house.

· You have to determine the particular type of window that will be suitable for your house. It is important to understand the energy performance rating of the windows so that you get to know the exact energy performance ratings you need for your windows. For example, south facing windows need to have a solar heat gain coefficient of more than 0.6 in order to maximize the solar heat gain during winter months.

· Make sure that you choose the energy efficient windows according the climatic type of your locality. It is not that easy like gathering knowledge from the internet and applying them in your house. You have to be sure about the exact type of window you will need to perform the energy saving job. You may take the help of professional experts and select the right one for your house.

· The energy efficiency of the window is dependent on all its components. So, just having the energy efficient glass does not mean you will have a perfect energy efficient window. Make sure that you follow all the necessary guidelines to have one that you are actually spending for.

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